Yesterday I woke up hungry.

What most likely came to your mind when you read that statement was that I was physically hungry, and you’re right.  It was that kind of hungry that settles in the deep pit of your stomach and automatically sends the message to your brain that your body needs food, RIGHT NOW.  I could have killed for a cheddar bagel and a thick slab of cream cheese spread in that moment.

What you may not have thought of when you read that statement was that I also woke up spiritually hungry.  You see, today I was headed to the second session of the Priscilla Shirer Live tour and the first session the night before had my small group sisters and I on a spiritual high.

Today was also day one of my Jus by Julie cleanse.  With the nagging awareness of my hunger and the exploding anticipation of what great spiritual goodness was going to flow from Priscilla’s mouth today, both my soul and my stomach were left wanting more. I thought a cleanse of the body and an extra dose of Jesus was exactly what I needed before heading into another busy week and I was determined to commit fully to both.

I’d like to mention here that I am a repeat customer of Jus by Julie.  I honestly wish I could meet her face-to-face so that I may personally tell her how much I love her products, but we will get into the details of the juices in my next post.  I will also share with you a little secret on how you can get her plan at a discounted rate using Groupon, but for now, I need you to pay close attention and do not miss out on this message.  I would like my experience to resonate with you when you go off on your own juice cleansing journey!

I started off this morning at 7:30 AM with “Sweet Spin,” my favorite green juice that the company offers.  I felt completely satisfied after drinking it.  Julie’s juices have the stunning capability of completely disguising the fact that you’re drinking blended leafy veggies, milk from something other than an animal, and spices you may not even use in your daily cooking, and for the most part, they are filling.  Great, we are off to a good start!

As you will soon find out, I love coffee and I go to Starbucks more than I would like to admit.  It was only natural for me to want a coffee (which you are allowed to consume on the cleanse as long as it is black) so that I could sweetly sip one of God’s greatest creations while I was also being filled with the Spirit.

I’ve had the Starbucks Nitro cold brew multiple times and it has become my go-to if I want something with a low calorie count (5 calories, black), BUT this morning when looking up at the glorious array of options, my eyes stumbled upon the Cascara cold brew with cold foam! How exciting and new! I hastily attempted to order a Venti size in which I was denied and informed that they only offered this drink in Grande size due to the caffeine content.  Great, I’ll take it!  It wasn’t until I took a sip of the drink and noticed a very prevalent sweetness.  I looked back up to the board, 80 calories.   I knew that I should not have ordered this drink.  The natural sugars found in the fruit juices was more than enough sugar for my daily allowance, but I was not about to throw $5.00 in the trash, so I drank it anyway.  Strike one.

I have never been so restless. The caffeine content had given me the shakes and after Worship, I had no where to expend the energy.  My next juice would not come until 1:30 PM upon returning home from the conference.  When you have six juices to drink throughout the day, it helps to have them spaced out appropriately so that you’re not hungry during certain parts of the day and absolutely bloated during others.  Strike two.   I drank a “Green Radiance” for my second juice because I needed the substance and this juice is a smoothie consistency.  My first two juices were followed by “Spicy Lemonade,” “Berry Blend,” and “Island Coconut,” of which I could not finish.  Day one in the books.

Low country boil is good y’all, and if you haven’t had it please do yourself a favor and get with some of your closest friends or family this weekend to experience it. I say experience it because it really is a Southern experience.  This may seem like a diversion but…

Today, I opened up my fridge to grab another “Sweet Spin” to start my day off right and I allowed my eyes to cross over to the left side of the fridge where we had some leftovers in Tupperware containers. Oh, the temptation. I noticed it a second time when I went in for my “Spicy Pomegranate” juice around mid- morning.  After spending about three hours out in my hot garage working on refinishing some furniture I needed calories, and that unfortunately came in the form of a couple of  Old Bay dusted shrimp, 1/3 an ear of corn, a small potato, and a piece of sausage.  Strike 3.   I finished out the day with “Chia Berry” and “Watermelon Wizard.” Day two in the books.

I have written this post to be as transparent as possible and 100% vulnerable in admitting that some times things don’t always go as planned on our health journeys.  We are human and we fall short.  The point that I would like to make here is that even though you may experience shortfalls along your journey does not mean that you have failed.  Upon completion of the 2-day cleanse, I had lost 3 lbs., my digestion was much improved, and I had the energy levels that I typically have when I consume solid food. I hope that this is encouragement to you and proof that you can try something new and even if you find yourself straying the slightest, you will still see the benefit of taking that first step.

I can’t wait to go into depth about the Jus by Julie plans and offer my thoughts and opinions on each of the juices that I have tried in my next post.

Be Well,