A few months ago I was introduced to Norwex cleaning products by a close friend. I knew very little about the company at the time, but after doing some research I quickly found that the company valued creating quality of life starting in the home, with the products we use to clean our homes And our bodies on a daily basis. How do they do this? By providing their customers products that cut out harmful chemicals and by using something as simple as water paired with patented technology microfiber to completely alter the way we clean. My cleaning experience has been made simpler, faster, and much more enjoyable!

I must make mention here that I am not affiliated with Norwex in any way. I either purchased or earned the below products through hosting a Norwex party and I am not being paid to conduct this review. The main purpose of this review is to assist others in deciding on whether or not making the switch to more healthful cleaning products is something they would like to consider and offer my honest opinion on a few of the Norwex products that have made my cleaning life much less work. While I highly recommend purchasing from someone you know and trust to give you accurate information, someone that takes the time to help you create the cleaning line-up that best suites your needs, I do have a reliable consultant with an online store if you do not. Her name is Callie and you can shop with her here, or by clicking on any of the links throughout the reviews! I will also include her e-mail at the end of this review if you would like to contact her with questions or if you’ve decided you want to host your own Norwex party, so make sure you read all the way through! Let’s get started!

What I now like to call “not your momma’s microfiber!” When first shopping Norwex I completely disregarded this product, knowing full and well that it is a Norwex staple and a best- seller. It truthfully didn’t make it into my basket my first order because, in ignorance, I could not bring myself to invest in an almost $20 product, which, at the time, I perceived to be a rag. My thoughts went along the lines of “I can buy a bundle of microfiber cloths at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or HomeGoods for roughly five dollars, so I think I will pass.” But, now, I can say with certainty that I’m glad it is one of the products I earned upon hosting my first Norwex party. This little cloth is a power- house and contains the Norwex BacLock technology, which, if you are not familiar, I encourage you to go to here and read up on it. The EnviroCloth as well as the Window Cloth and Dust Mitt that I will be reviewing all have it. The best part about the EnviroCloth, specifically, is that its uses are limitless. I mostly use it in the kitchen on my counter tops and island, my sink when it needs a quick wipe-down, the floors for spot messes, as well as in the bathroom for quick sink and toilet tank wipe- downs. I also recently used it on outdoor furniture after a fresh dusting of pollen (yuck!). All you need to do to use this product is get it damp with water and you’re ready to clean. You’re cutting down on your paper product usage, cutting out chemicals that often leave a harmful residue on your surfaces, and drastically cutting down on your cleaning time. What more could you ask of a cleaning product? I’ve found that the Norwex towels, depending on how sticky your cleaning situations are, can typically last 4-5 days before they start to get a little bit of an odor to them. Typically, around that time frame is when I get them to the washing machine, but between thorough washes, I simply rinse them out in the sink under warm running water, and leave them to air dry and self-purify. No extra effort on your part that you wouldn’t already be putting forth with your regular dish towels!

Anyone else have those large, beautiful, old windows in their home with 1,000+ panes? The kind that force you to wipe down each little square, individually before moving on to the next? Though I love the look they give my home, I’m not a huge fan of wasting half a roll of paper towels and having to continually pump Windex every two minutes. The Window Cloth has SAVED me. Not only am I cutting back paper product usage, saving money in the long run, and cutting out yet another chemical product, I am also drastically decreasing the time it takes to do my window cleaning. The beauty of this product is that it can be used on so many other household surfaces. I, personally, have used it on my mirrors, my sink faucet heads, as well as the shower heads, the glass shower door, and on the exterior of my fridge, dishwasher, and oven. I have the GE Slate appliances which have a darker matte finish, but the Window Cloth polishes them up very nicely, giving them a nice bright sheen (If you have stainless steel appliances, check out the Stainless Steel Cloth). I’ve told a few people already, that if you’re not completely sold on Norwex, then just trust me on this one and try out the Window Cloth and you’ll need no more convincing!

Don’t let the cost of this product detour you from purchasing it! In doing my own research and looking at other product reviews, I knew up- front that a little paste went a long way, and everyone was right! I fully expect the 6.76 fl. oz. tub to last me a LONG time. My favorite use for the Cleaning Paste is scrubbing down the stove top. I simply apply a dab of paste to an EnviroSponge, scrub in a circular motion with light pressure, let it sit until dry, then come back through with a wet EnviroCloth. The stove cleans up so nicely and bonus, I don’t throw out my elbow! My microwave, the inside of the oven door, the fridge, and my stainless steel sink have all been blessed by this product and I can’t wait to try it out on my glass casserole dishes when they’re crusted over with burnt, caked- on food! (Being an adult is so fun, isn’t it?) Outside of the kitchen, I’ve also used it in my bathroom and even to clean the white bottoms of some of my gym shoes! What I love most about this product is that the potential uses FAR out-weigh the number of active ingredients (all of which I can pronounce). It is environmentally-friendly, poison, acid, and phosphate- free!

How do you dust? My methods have morphed from rag and polish when I was younger, to the feather duster, the Swiffer wand and eventually to the off-brand wand to save a few bucks. Well, there were a few issues with my past methods. Aside from the obvious, that breathing in harmful chemicals is not healthy, I failed to take in consideration really how effective the alternatives were. The Norwex Dust Mitt has opened my eyes, people! Not only can I make my home healthier, save myself some money in the long run, but I can also bank on the fact that my product is ACTUALLY doing its job! The Dust Mitt creates a field of static electricity when you run it along your cleaning field that truly captures the dust particles and not a speck is released to resettle! Again, the mighty power of BacLock technology! Now tell me of a time that you were dusting with your wand and you didn’t see a cloud of dust arise every time you swiped! The Dust Mitt is great for the more common dusting tasks such as hitting the furniture, the tops of ceiling fans, and the tops of baseboards, but also for those tricky spaces such as in- between horizontal blinds, between knick- knacks on shelves, and underneath lamp shades. If you could use the word fun and cleaning in the same sentence, the Dust Mitt is the one cleaning tool that might make that sentence seem believable as it is quick and you can easily multi- task with it (watch Netflix, dance, whatever your heart desires!). They also make a Kids Dust Mitt so that your tiny humans can join in the cleaning fun! The ONLY complaint I have with this product is the edging on the mitt sometimes makes it difficult to get into corners, but I would still recommend it to anyone.

Laundry detergent is one cleaning product that, in the past, I have made zero effort toward seeking a more health- conscious and/or environmentally- friendly option. Myself, nor anyone that I have ever lived with have ever had sensitive skin or were prone to reactions to certain agents in detergents, so I based my choices on what I could afford and what had a descent scent. Last year, I decided to venture out and try some detergent pods from another well- known wellness company and I was not fond of the results I got, so when first shopping Norwex, I immediately skipped over the detergent for fear of similar results (and the steep up-front cost, if I’m being honest). Through hosting a Norwex online party I received a bag of detergent with the host package that I earned. After giving the detergent a shot, I would most certainly purchase again! The up-front cost no longer seems as much of a burden as I now know how many loads you can stretch out of one bag (there are conflicting opinions about how much detergent is recommended for each size load, but I use the 1 tablespoon recommendation for a large to extra-large load). In our home, between the two of us, we typically run two loads of laundry on the weekends. Since we both work from home, the majority of our laundry consists of comfy, casual day attire, sweaty gym clothing, and Lane’s dirty, sawdust covered shop clothes. You could say it is important that we have something that can fight odors and keep our clothes looking bright and stain- free, despite our lifestyle and hobbies. Norwex Laundry Detergent checks both of those boxes for us! The product, itself, is also free of phosphates, chlorine bleach, fillers, brighteners, dyes or fragrances and is not tested on animals!

What are your favorite Norwex products? Have you had similar experiences with “The Norwex Top 5” as I have? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Drop a comment below!

Be Well,