Hello Friends,

I hope everyone has been well, despite circumstances. I know that each of you read my page for a variety of different reasons, but if I had to guess, the majority of you most likely read because you’re part of the wellness community or you’re looking for tips and suggestions on how to go about adopting a healthier lifestyle. With that in mind, I know, you know, how important being both mentally and physically well are. The times that we find ourselves in can truly distract us from maintaining (or improving upon) these two very important pieces of our overall health.

Living alone during a time of recommended isolation has tested me in ways I’d never imagined. As a social human- being and someone who works to serve other people professionally, I have struggled with so much alone time and feelings of being disconnected.

Without access to my gym, inability to get involved in fitness events around my city and a heightened temptation to eat anything in sight (I can’t stop eating plain, flour tortillas. Anyone else have this problem?!), I’ve seen physical changes in my body.

I think that these are two very relatable and valid thoughts, topics, issues, concerns (whatever they are for you) that many of you may also be experiencing. I’d like to share with you a platform that has not only helped me get moving during stay- at- home orders (I’ve needed all the help in burning these extra calories!), but has also aided in minimizing negative thought patterns. It has been one of my daily reminders that I’m not alone. I’m connected virtually to an amazing fitness community called SweatNET CLT!

Images not owned by Told you, Tori. See https://sweatnet.com/.

What is SweatNET CLT?

SweatNET is a membership- based fitness community that provides opportunities and resources that make a fit and healthy life style more accessible and affordable. A membership will grant you access to multiple free or low- cost monthly events, exclusive discounts at local, wellness- based businesses (juice bars, nutrition spots, coffee shops, gyms & studios, chiropractors, coaching, etc.), access to both live and recorded classes available to you at home, access to streamed meditations, healthy recipes, wellness industry job postings and a web of amazing, Charlotte locals at all different walks in their own, personal fitness journey.

What Types of Events can I Expect with My Membership?

The types of events that SweatNET offers are as diverse as Charlotte, itself. Though you can most certainly obtain a membership with your own individual wellness in mind, one of the most rewarding parts about SweatNET is the community that it fosters. As I mentioned, there are highly- trained athletes and trainers involved with SweatNET as well as those who just stepped into a gym for the first time two days ago! The community embraces both walks and provides opportunities and resources to build and improve upon either.

Some examples of fitness events that you can expect from your membership are different types of yoga classes (black light, Chakti, (or maybe both of those at the same time), DropSound running events, kickboxing classes, barre and MUCH, much more! If you’re a someone who gets bored with a routine workout, SweatNET may be the key to getting you excited about living a fit, healthy lifestyle! They also host a few events throughout the year that are more educational and aim to bring the community together to increase wellness awareness. Whatever it may be, SweatNET events are always fun and unique, created to bring people together.

RIGHT NOW you can register and participate in the 6 ft Virtual 10k! SweatNET hosted a widely successful 6 ft Virtual 5k and decided to give its members more of what they wanted! To get the details and register, go HERE.

How can I get Started?

Get connected! I encourage you to follow SweatNET CLT on social media:

Instagram: HERE

Facebook: HERE

As we are all spending much time at home due to the COVID- 19 stay- at- home orders, SweatNET is offering one month of free access to their entire platform! This includes free video streaming with multiple new classes each day and a growing on-demand library. Use the code “STREAMFREE” at checkout to get access. No commitments are required.

If you decide to continue membership after the first free month, you will be charged $9.95/ month. What a steal for such a great platform!

I don’t Live in Charlotte. Can I Still be a SweatNET Member?

SweatNET is currently launched in 10 cities, nationwide! Below is the list of participating cities. Each site is linked!




Grand Rapids






Tampa Bay

Don’t Forget…

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of representing this community (in a very, might I say, unique time) as a 2020 Ambassador! Please let the crew know that I sent you if you decide that SweatNET is for you!

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment box below!

Be Well,