My name is Tori Swain; 27 years old and passionate beyond measure of all things health and wellness. I currently reside in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina where, professionally, I work in youth programming. I have lived in Charlotte for less than a year and love exploring my city! Among other things, Jesus, food, the gym, travel, caramel macchiatos, and paperback books consume the majority of my time.

My hope is that through this blog I can present to you practical wellness tips and resources that give you the confidence to take your health into your own hands to create a better quality of life for yourself.  I also hope to share with you pieces of my life to encourage you to be BOLD and FEARLESS when making decisions that positively impact your physical, emotional, spiritual, and social health!  I love creativity and exploration, so this should be FUN!

YOU, yes, YOU!  Start telling yourself  over and over again that no matter your circumstance, you ARE going to accomplish anything set before you and that it is OKAY to step outside of your comfort zone to do so!  Pretty soon you’ll be saying to yourself, “Told you, __{Insert your name here}__.” You’ve got this.

Be Well,


Joshua 1:9